Getting and being on Wikipedia, is highly desirable to many, but the challenges associated with it, is something that is making many potential brands step back from the Wiki. But, it is not difficult as it seems, when you opt for professional Wiki page creators to assist you.


So, there might be a basic question in your mind, if you are not that aware of the importance of Wikipedia – Why Wikipedia?

Just like the question, the answer is also quite simple. With a Wiki page for your brand, in a way, you can actually rule the internet. How? When your brand has a Wiki page, it naturally ranks high and gets recognized quickly. Google and other search engines like Wikipedia, so if you are on Wikipedia, the search engines will like you too. Ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) leads to brand awareness, which eventually leads to high web traffic and some crazy sales. So, if directing traffic to your site, is your priority, then, you should seriously think about having a Wikipedia page. Many assume that it is only the brands that have a very good recognition, can go to Wiki. But, this isn’t completely true, as brands that have no good online presence, can also have a page on Wikipedia, provided, the content of the Wiki page is unbiased and does not sound like an advertisement.


According to most of the internet users, Wikipedia is believed to be the most trusted source of information. So, being on Wikipedia will help you build a trust factor with your customers and potential clients. Your Wiki page, better have actual information about your brand or organization, as people come to your Wiki page to check how credible your brand is. Your Wiki page should never, ever, claim your brand, as the best brand, as Wiki will not like it, and your page will be put down in, no time.


Wikipedia has had a huge impact on the internet users that, you might have heard people saying “Just Wiki it” when they are asked for information about something important. You should make best of this huge impact, which will help your brand grow bigger, and stay bigger.


Wikipedia and Reputation actually stand next to each other. When your brand is on Wikipedia, it seems more important, genuine, reputed, and lastly, the best. So, in a way, Wikipedia will help you, in your online reputation management. Wiki reputation is a little tricky, and knowing about the pitfalls associated with this is imperative. You should keep an eye on your Wiki page, once you have created it, as many a time, unwanted edits by the spammers or maybe from your competitors, may land your brand in unnecessary trouble. But, if you have constant monitoring running on your page, then you will have nothing to worry about.


Wikipedia is one of the best tools for your digital marketing strategies. You would have known about how important the SEO and Content Marketing are, in digital marketing. The best part about Wikipedia is that it will blend beautifully with both your SEO and Content Marketing strategies. There is something called “Off-site SEO” wherein the sites other than your website become more important. However, linking building is something that is not possible, and if this is done, your article on Wikipedia will be considered spam. A core part of Google’s algorithm considers the links from reputed sites like Wikipedia, to measure the relevance and credibility of a brand. So, guess what may happen, when your brand is on Wiki? There will not be any link on Wiki, which will direct people to your site, but it will be the above-said factors such credibility, reputation, etc., that will direct people to your site, and SEO does have a role in it.


The content on Wikipedia is easy to understand, which is one of the reasons why many internet users, opt for Wiki over many other information platforms. Thus, Wikipedia is one of the effective means to reach a wide range of audience, may they be technically sound about the content, or not.


Wikipedia will provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors; especially those who have still not made it to the Wikipedia. The competitive edge of any form is said to be effective to bring good sales. However, Wikipedia is not for the ones, whose sole focus is sales. Wikipedia is for those, who want to be recognized, and rule to the online market, effortlessly.


All the above-said things may sound like music to ears, but, as said earlier, getting on Wiki by oneself, is no cake walk.



Getting on Wiki

Getting on Wiki has got least formalities, but quite a few rules that will act as a big barrier before you get on Wiki. Your content on the Wiki page must be unbiased, without even a teensy bit of brand promotion. This is the biggest challenge many brands face when they plan to have a Wiki page. And, the worst part is that many of these pages get deleted, as soon as the Wiki senses any sort of promotional activities on it. If this is your problem too, then you should seriously think about hiring professional Wikipedia article writers.

Professional article writers will be well aware of the rules and regulations that are laid by the Wikipedia and make sure that the content for your brand, is created, based on these. Another good reason to hire these writers is that they will carry out a thorough research about your brand, before the content creation. So, there will be no doubts or uncertainty about the content that will be appearing on the Wiki page. The best part about getting these wiki page creators hired is that you will have complete control over the entire page creation process.


Why is an article about yourself, not a good idea?

Here is why it is a bad idea. Whenever you are writing about yourself or your brand, the temptation for a little boasting is unavoidable. Wiki’s Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy needs to be kept in mind while creating the content for the Wiki. Do know that, Wikipedia is something that is not going to believe whatever you write. It will not take sides, and report on both good and bad about you, with the help of verified and reliable sources. Wikipedia is both a blessing and a curse, and self-page creation is most of the times, will make Wikipedia a curse.


Why should you opt for paid article writers, over Wiki volunteers?

Allowing Wiki volunteers to create a page for you, is a little risky, as you will not know what may appear on the page. And, many a time, Wiki volunteers skip the research procedure and end up loading your Wiki page with false data. You will neither be able to question them nor be able to fix the disaster on your Wiki page.

Things are completely different when you hire paid writers. You will know what will be on your Wiki page and what not. Drafts will be checked for more than two times, in order to get rid of any promotional tone. The paid article writers make sure that, whatever is on the Wiki, in your name, will only help your brand, and not harm it. When you try to get on Wiki through the paid writers, you will be able to reach there, a lot quicker, with very less number of hassles.


What to expect from Wiki page creators?

Wiki page creators do not limit themselves for page creation alone. And, when you are associating yourself with the Wiki, things must not be limited to page creation only. The process should also involve regular edits and monitoring. Wikipedia actually has the ability, both to build your brand or put your reputation at stake, but the important factor is that both depend on how careful, you are, with your Wiki page. Damaging edits can happen anytime; thus, 24/7 monitoring becomes inevitable. And, relievingly, Wiki page creators can help you with this aspect.

Your organization will not be static, and there will be changes happening. A few changes should be known to your customers and potential clients, and there is no better place than Wikipedia, for this. Yes. The regular content update is one way to tell your potential clients that you are more credible, progressive and reliable. These factors actually draw more attention towards your brand, and you can be sure of a win-win situation. Editing sounds quite easy, but, it has to be done through an authoritative account, and only then, will it be entertained. The professional Wikipedia article writers will usually have a very good authority on Wikipedia, which will make it easy for them to do any number of edits, without those edits getting reversed, or failed.


Why are people talking bad about Wikipedia these days? Should it be believed?

Whatever happens, Wikipedia will be Wikipedia, and it will remain a synonym to authority, no matter what. Few talk ill about Wikipedia, either because, they are not aware of the means to be benefited by the Wikipedia, or they have been fed with false information, for which, the unwanted edits should be blamed. But, with these edits kept in check, Wikipedia is not bad at all. When the question of belief comes, you should make sure that your content has no lies or exaggeration; page creators will not let you do that, however.


Things you should know when you are planning to have a Wiki page

– If you have decided to get your brand on Wiki, you should be aware of the Criticism section that is common for business organization-related Wiki pages. This section cannot be avoided as you grow bigger, and you should look for the means to use this section, for your own benefit. You should know Wikipedia has no intention of damaging the reputation of your brand; it is only trying to be unbiased.

– One thing, you can be sure of your Wiki page is that there will no scandal-mongering or gossiping about your brand, which is a plus.

– Wikipedia is a mere fact-collector and not an advertisement forum. It is said a couple of times above, yet, it has to be remembered again and again, not to make your content look like, a sales brochure.

– If you are planning to get on Wiki, it would be better, if you develop a thick skin too. At times, edits can be quite personal and damaging, and if these are unattended, consequences are always a lot worse and sadly irreversible most of the times.

– When your content has a few relevant pictures, the chances of your page getting removed, goes down, dramatically. Not only pictures, but even statistical facts will work in the same way. More facts, more neutral and actual content will make your wiki page creation process, very easy.