WikiOfficer has helped my organization have a Wiki page, in no time. I was given regular updates, and I did not had to wait long, for my page. And, the aftermath; my site, is having some really good traffic, and crazy sales. This is the place, I would recommend to all small business organization, that have the potential to grow, but do not have the necessary online presence.
September 17, 2016
I got my Wiki page created by WikiOfficer. A premium one. This actually helped my organization, a lot. WikiOfficer, actually enlightened me, with the importance, of being more elaborated, on Wiki, and I followed their suggestion, and it clicked. I am also getting my page monitored by these people. They provide me with regular updates, and make sure that my page, is safe.
September 30, 2016
A Wiki page for our brand, was something that my boss wanted all the time. Earlier, our PR was not so satisfying. But, now the tables have turned, and we have reached a very good phase now. Thanks to the Wiki page that was created by WikiOfficer. My Wiki page creation procedure, was actually very quick, and swift. Even the price, did not scare me much, as the sales we are getting, after our Wiki page went live, is quite satisfying. Again, thanks to the WikiOfficer.
March 19, 2017
WikiOfficer created a Wiki page for me, and it is even monitored by them constantly. When they kept their proposal front of me, they spoke about how, Google likes Wikipedia; I was convinced, and at the end of the meeting, all I wanted, was a Wiki page. It took three weeks for me to get my Wiki page published. Whatever, WikiOfficer talk about, like Wiki page having authority, and reputation, having high PR, etc., is actually true. I am actually experiencing it, now.
George Silva
March 24, 2017
Mine was a very small organization, a recently started one. It hardly had any presence online, let alone the reputation. I was having a hard time coping up, with the sales, and then came the WikiOfficer. They emphasized on having an building an authority on Wiki, which I thought would work. And, it actually worked. Now my brand, has very good PR, sales, and reputation. Thank you WikiOffcier.
Social Marketing
April 21, 2017