WikiOfficer has different Wikipedia services and Packages for you; this means more number of options. It is not about one common Wikipedia page format for all. We can tailor your Wiki page as per your needs. Why? Customer Satisfaction is our major goal. Here is the Packages and Pricing list.

Basic Wiki page
US $
As the name says, this package gives you a basic page, wherein, all the essential details about your company, will be covered. Once the draft is ready, it will be sent you, for the approval. The final draft will be overviewed by the professional Wikipedia editors, that our organization, has got, before it gets published, in order to be sure that, your Wiki page is not put down, citing Wiki rule-breaking or notability issues. You can add a logo or an image to your basic page. For more details, check on the add-ons section below.
- Introduction - up to 60 words
-Company History or Overview - up to 100 words
- Company fact box-type, industry, year of establishment(founded), Headquarters and company's URL.
- Time taken for the page publish - 2-7 weeks (+ US $80 for one-week express delivery)
Premium Wiki page
US $
Premium Wiki page package is the recommended one. In this package, your page will more sections, and most importantly, all your sections will be elaborated. Once the draft is ready, it will be sent you, for the approval. The final draft will be overviewed by the professional Wikipedia editors, that our organization, has got, before it gets published, just to be double sure that your page stays on Wiki, forever. Another good reason to opt for this package is that, the delivery will be faster in this package.
-Introduction- up to 80 words
-Company History - up to 100 words
-Company Overview - up to 100 words
-Company fact box will have the details such as, type, industry, year of establishment(founded), Headquarters, area served, products, no.of employees, key people, your company's -URL, and lastly, your company logo.
-Time taken for the page publish - 2-5 weeks (+ US $80 for one-week express delivery)
Add-on section
US $
Add-ons work both for Basic Wiki pages and Premium Wiki pages. These add-ons will help you appear more credible to your potential clients. For all the add-on services, the content should be provided, by your end.
- Company logo : + US $80
- Image : +US $50
- A new section(upto 100 words) : +US $100
- Additional Information(upto 150 words) : +US $100
- A table with your info :+US $80
Wikipedia Page Monitoring
US $
In this service, we will be monitoring your page, in order to keep the spammy edits in check
- Regular monitoring updates will be shared with you
- You will be alerted with the edits, immediately, when there are any.
Wikipedia Page Editing
US $
Spammy edits are hard to deal with, as these cause irreversible damage to your reputation on Wiki.
The devastating edits, will be reversed, and your article will be brought back to its original form.
We can edit your page with the add-ons too.





It is pretty much normal to have ‘n’ number of questions that you may have when you are planning on investing on anything, and we know that it is not any different, when it comes to a Wiki page. Here we have tried to answer, all possible questions that you might have about associating yourself with the WikiOfficer.




– Will I have the control over the content of the Wikipedia?

Let us get this straight. In the beginning, we will be asking for the complete details about your brand, institution, etc., and the URL details. Further, we will carry out a thorough research about it. Our professional writers will be writing the Wikipedia articles based on that research. The rules and guidelines pertaining to the wiki, are known better to our writers.

We will be sending the preview copy to you once we are ready with the first draft. It is only after your approval that we publish the content on Wikipedia.

So, yes, you will have the control over the content.




– Can I suggest for the changes, after reviewing the preview copy?

If you have any suggestions,  pertaining to the preview copy, we will consider it, until your suggestions follow the Wikipedia rules and regulations. You should know that Wikipedia hates sales-y material. So, if you have any idea about editing your preview copy, with sales-y phrases like “buy from us,” or “we are the best,” we would like to say, it is not that good idea.




– How does my page creation process work?

Wiki page creation is a tedious process, as there are a huge number of writing rules. Thanks to our efficient writers, who make the page creation process, less daunting. We carry out a thorough research, prior article writing, and make sure the article about your brand, is full of facts, and zero fabrication. Through one of our wiki accounts, we will publish your article on a new wiki page, which will become your page, from then on.




– Can I edit the content, by myself?

We would say, that’s a bad idea, because, there are few complex writing rules by Wiki that are not familiar, to all. And, if your editing goes wrong, Wikipedia will be deleting your page. That’s not something we want, do we?




– How long do you take for Wikipedia page creation?

It partly depends on your online presence. With our experience, we can say, it will take not more that 2-7 weeks for basic wiki page and 2-5 weeks for a premium wiki page, in normal circumstances.




– Who will be writing articles for my brand?

Our professional wiki writers will be writing the content for your Wikipedia page. And, they make sure that your article complies all Wikipedia rules and regulations.

In the next step, our experienced Wikipedia editors will be going through the written articles, just to be double sure that your article will stay on Wiki, forever.




– Mine is a small business organization, can I get on Wiki?

Of course, you can. But, you’ll need a little help for that, and that is something we can do. We have created wiki pages for hundreds of small organizations in these years, and around 90% of them have managed to stay there, without any problems. Once you provide us your company details and URL, we will let you know, whether or not, will your organization, make it to the Wiki. If a Wiki page is not possible currently, all you need to do, is to wait for some time till your brand becomes strong enough to appear on Wiki.




– What are your techniques to get me or my brand on Wiki?

Research and research only. Your online presence actually has got very less to do with the wiki page creation. We will make sure that your page has only facts and actual information about you or your brand. We have been using this technique, for a long time now, and guess what? It has worked, every single time.




– Why should I opt you, over volunteers who will create a page for me or my brand for free?

We are not sure if that’s a great idea, as you will not have any control over their content, about your brand. They may write it for free, but it, helping you build your reputation is a rare case. When you hire us, you will have complete control over the page creation process, and whatever you invest on this, is a one-time investment, which will bring bigger rewards for your brand, in future.




– Are there are any proofs for your credibility?

Yes, we have testimonials from our valuable clients. Please note that we will not share more details about our work for different clients, as their privacy is one of the most important factors for us.




– What’s the guarantee that after taking the payment you won’t run away with my money?

We won’t run away with your money; our professional ethics bind us. Here is the more logical answer- There is something called Paypal’s buyer’s protection, that will not allow us to run away. If you are not happy with what’s happening, you can open a dispute in Paypal’s resolution center. We will be receiving a notification, when there is a dispute. Paypal will have complete control over the transaction, until your order is completely fulfilled.




– How do you protect my privacy?

Your privacy is very much important for us. All the details pertaining to your association with us, will be confidential . And, we will not use your portfolios, to talk about our work. Instead, we will ask you to share your valuable feedbacks, via testimonials, which is again, very much important, for us