How is Wikipedia dominating Google and other search engines?

When you are browsing for anything on the internet, Wikipedia pages are the first thing appear on the result pages. This clearly shows the impact that Wikipedia has on different search engines.


These days, we see articles every day, with the title,”Move over Wikipedia, Amazon is here” or “Wikipedia is no longer powerful than SEO.” But, we would like to say, Wikipedia is very much powerful, even now. It is the bunch of over-analyzers who have started to assume that the Wikipedia era has ended. Wikipedia is the 5th most visited site, currently, which shows its power on the internet.

Wikipedia follows all SEO tactics to rank high. 


This holds very good domain authority. With a DA of 100/100 on open site explorer, clearly, Wikipedia deserves to rank high.


Another thing that Google likes is internal links. On Wikipedia, is not just one or two internal links; there are a bunch of them. The internal linking structure on Wikipedia is very powerful. Whenever you click an internal link, it will always be another Wiki page, you will be redirected to, unless the link is from the sources.


The keyword structure that Wikipedia has got is another reason, why this site is, Google’s favorite. Every article is written around a particular keyword. So, it is pretty normal for that keyword to appear ‘n’ number of times on that topic’s page, which will make this page highly relevant, whenever there is a search for this keyword.


The last reason, why Wikipedia ranks high, would be its excellent page authority. It is this page authority, which has taken Wikipedia, a long way.

These SEO strategies, actually work well for your website too. If very good organic results are something that you want, then, do use these SEO strategies. These are the best.