Can you create your Wikipedia page, by yourself?

Hey, here we are again with a small article about a question that I came across on, it read, “How can I create a Wikipedia page for myself?”


I kind of wondered, how it would work, and when it may work, and that will be my content for today.


Self-creation of Wikipedia page is possible, but there is something called “conflict of interests” that comes in between, and kills all the chances of you or your brand, making it on the Wiki. You might think that you can overcome this urge of making your article look like, it’s tooting its own whistle, but it is actually hard.


Every sentence must be carefully framed, every word or every phrase must be carefully chosen that makes your article look like a fact sheet and not like a sales pamphlet, which is the biggest challenge.


Let me explain, why it would be hard for you to create your own, your Wikipedia page. The reasons for this are the rules framed by the Wikipedia. Neutral Point of View, Notability, and Verifiability are those rules. There is another unofficial rule that you should avoid publishing your original research.


  1. Neutral Point of View – This website is entirely about that. You can see this phrase on almost every page, and here are few more sentences about that. In simple words, your article should be straight and simple. It shouldn’t orient itself towards the good, or towards the bad. This is because, it is the most famous online encyclopedia, and it talking on behalf of someone, or some organization, is bad for its credibility. And lastly, Wikipedia won’t let something harm its credibility. It simply gets rid of it.


  1. Notability – This was important, till a couple of years ago. This does not mean that the Notability is the least important factor now; it is actually that, you can even get a Wikipedia page with a weak online presence. Professional writers can help you with that aspect.


  1. Verifiability – References or the sources that mention your name or your brand name will help you have Wikipedia page with fewer hassles. With a good number of references, you seem more credible to the article approval team. This has two advantages; one is that, your article gets approved quickly, and the second advantage is, it makes you a permanent Wikipedia citizen.


  1. Avoiding original research material – When it is a research material, it instantly becomes “content with an opinion”. This won’t work on Wiki. Check, point 1 and point 3.


After all, these, if having a Wikipedia page is your prime goal currently, it would better to hire professional Wikipedia writers, who will create a Wikipedia page for you, with the right content, which helps you stay on Wiki for a long time, without any fear of your page getting deleted.