Tips to improve your Business using Wikipedia

Wikipedia for Business may sound a little weird, to many, as Wikipedia strictly condemns any form of promotion on its page. But, with right strategies, Wikipedia can become one of your best marketing tools. Unbiased content, simple non-promotional tone, and language, and the assistance of professional writers, will help you have a Wiki page that will drive converting traffic to your site.


When a customer is planning to try your product or service, he tries to learn more about it, on the internet. Your website may provide him with the necessary details, and other forums may help him with the reviews about your brand. But, seeing you on Wikipedia, gives him assurance. It is for this reason, you should have a Wiki page for your brand. A Wiki page will make you more powerful online, which is crucial for you to sustain the ever-demanding market.


Here are few tips that will help you improve your business, using your Wikipedia-


1) Your Wiki page should have value-driven content, which is imperative to drive quality customers, to your site. Anyone can write a Wiki article, but only a professional writer can make it sound genuine and convincing.


2) Keeping an eye on your Wiki page, is as important as, creating one. Since Wikipedia is open to edits from any sources, the your page data can be twisted in every possible way. This is not good, both your online reputation, and your business. If your online reputation is the soul of your business, then you should be protecting your Wiki page, by keeping a watchful eye on it, night and day.


3) You should be analyzing the traffic that you get from the Wiki page. This will help you know what works, and what doesn’t. A simple Wiki page may drive traffic to your site, but the conversion rates will be low. But, when you have an elaborated Wiki page, your brand appears more reliable, which will help your customers decide about your brand quickly that will eventually lead to more sales.


4) Your SEO strategies should make your web page rank higher than your Wikipedia page. The second position is the ideal one for your Wiki page, while the first one should be for your website. Your Wiki page, not beating your corporate site, shows how strong your business strategies are.