Since the online market has partly taken over the traditional market, old marketing tactics are of least use today. This is not any different in the case of latest digital marketing strategies too. The strategy that works today will not work tomorrow. It is due to the market that keeps growing, and the inevitability to keep your customers interested in your brand, through your online presence.


Improving your online presence will actually, solve most of your problems. Thus, you need to look for the unique means to widen your online presence. Link building, social media activity, etc., have become a little old school now. So, what can improve your online presence, dramatically?


Wikipedia page for your brand.

That’s correct. By just having a Wikipedia page for your brand, you can boost your Google ranking by 3-4 folds. Whenever there is a query related to the services that you offer, your Wiki page will be the first thing to pop up on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If this is something that you want, then, WikiOfficer is the right place for you.


WikiOfficer is an organization solely meant for Wiki Pages related services such as page creation, page monitoring, and page editing. We, at WikiOfficer, have a bunch of talented, professional and experienced article writers, who write content for Wikipedia, regularly.  Mr. Santhej Kallada, established WikiOfficer, in 2008. His sole intention was to help the potential brands, make it big, in the market, in which he has actually succeeded. We have helped many business organizations, personalities, educational institutions, etc., have a Wiki page and most of the brands that we have created a Wiki page for, are from the Fortune 500.


We help you have a Wiki page, add your current achievements through editings, and protect your reputation through monitoring, while you can completely focus on your business.